First “dborth” blog


I’m starting a blog just because I’ve seen what blogging has done to change the way humans communicate – particularly on controversial topics. No longer are views just traded by experts in print with the majority of the public on the sidelines watching.  Now, any one can “publish” – in real time.  But it’s the comments that follow the originating bloggers post that enhance and fundamentally change human communication. It’s even been claimed that the follow up comments change the readers interpretation of the original post – which by most accounts should be a good thing. “Changing the story,” after its been published is too scary for some – eg. Popular Science – and they’ve dropped the ability to comment on the stories they publish. In my mind that is a “new Censorship.”

So, for those that might actually follow this blog, I will reserve the right to moderate – for off topic or off colour contributions but I will welcome any comment – even if it changes the story – and perhaps my point of view.

So now,what shall I write about?